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Elleebana Power Bond Black Adhesive

Elleebana Power Bond Black Adhesive

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Elleebana lash extensions adhesive is produced in a high-quality environment that meets and exceeds all appropriate standards for production and is designed for use around the eye area. This product is an ISO grade adhesive that is vegan and not tested on animals. As these adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based products there is a short shelf life and even shorter after opening life as the adhesive begins to polymerize after exposure to air/moisture found in air – this is a standard expectation for all lash extensions adhesives as the technology and raw materials used to manufacture these products are fairly similar.

Elleebana Power Bond Black Adhesive 
is perfect for experienced technicians that want a quick setting time. Power Bond Eyelash Glue has a setting time of 2-3 seconds setting time, 4–5 weeks retention.

Power Bond Black Eyelash Glue is suitable for use during classic and volume applications.

Shelf life of the product is 6 months unopened and 6-12 weeks when opened.

95% cured after 10 minutes, the remaining 5% cured over the following 4 hours.

Elleebana adhesives enjoy the ideal humidity of 45-60% relative humidity and a room temperature of between 20 - 28 degrees Celsius. 


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